Protochips’ new integrated residual gas analyzer (RGA) brings you closer than ever before to nanoscale operando experiments.

Realistic Operating Environments

Accurately blend and flow custom gas mixtures to re-create even the most complex catalyst operating environments. Utilize anything from a single component gas to a custom industrial exhaust and add up to 1000ºC of heat.

Atmosphere for Catalysis: flexible gas handling manifold, integrated RGA, vapor introduction kit, and EDS-optimized TEM holder.

Integrated Gas Analysis

Integration of the RGA enables superior image stability and rapid gas detection during your experiments. Software-controlled cleanliness checks ensure safe exposure of the gas manifold to the RGA for residual gas inspection prior to and in between experiments.

Mounting the RGA places the detector as close to the reaction as possible for rapid response times and easy correlation of TEM and RGA data. Integration of the RGA vacuum system with Atmosphere eliminates the need for the typical vibration-inducing pumps associated with an RGA to enable high resolution data collection at the TEM.

Controllable Vapor Introduction

Software-controlled introduction of water and solvent vapors enables a level of precision and reproducibility otherwise unattainable. Introduce humidity, alcohols, light alkanes, and other sources as pure vapors or mix them with a carrier gas while preventing condensation.

Redox reduction of copper nanoparticles over time at two different magnifications in 50% Ar / 5% H2O / 45% H2 at 400°C


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