Better Electrical Stability

To maximize electrical performance, the environment surrounding the reference electrode should be static and free from gaseous byproducts often created during electrochemical sweeping. By isolating the reference electrode away from the most active area surrounding the working and counter electrodes, this design greatly improves electrical stability. Conduct sequential cyclic voltammetry experiments again and again, taking comfort in the precision of your electrical measurements.

The improved placement of the reference electrode improves electrical stability over multiple CV sweeps. Shown here is the low drift in the electrical performance of cycling dilute sulfuric acid numerous times.

Maximized EDS Counts Per Second (CPS)

Improving CPS up to 2x from conventional electrochemistry E-chips, the viewing window orientation of this design enables direct line-of-sight from your sample to the EDS detectors at minimal tilts. These new E-chips feature a rotated working electrode that is perfectly aligned with the viewing window, allowing you to conduct EDS analysis at any sample area of interest.  

New electrochemistry E-chips maximize CPS on your EDS detector. Shown here is the platinum working electrode patterned against the silicon E-chip.


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