One of our biggest focuses as a company is providing tools that properly scale experiments from bulk to nano. This means the in situ conditions our systems generate inside the TEM mimic those used on the bulk scale as closely as possible, creating results that are relevant and can confidently be incorporated as a complementary analysis in a grander research scheme.

Here we see a great example of this where researchers at the Dresden Center for Nanoanalysis at TU Dresden evaluated the Protochips Fusion Select system to understand how the system operated as compared to when they use their conventional cryostat for Hall effect measurements. They found “… the noise introduced by the in-situ holder with its presumably less well-defined spring contacts turns out to be even lower than that one of our cryostat…..In this sense, the comparison reveals a very good noise figure for our in-situ Hall measurement platform in the TEM.”

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Dresden bulk to nano

Have you been considering electrical characterization of devices and materials inside a TEM? Fusion Select is a great choice for this!

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