For Poseidon Select

MEMs device optimized for EDS performance

  • High throughput EDS
  • Compatible with any EDS geometry
  • Improved experiment flexibility

EDS optimized MEMs device obtaining 23,073 CPS at 15º tiltcross section of E-chips with wells optimized for EDSEDS optimized MEMs device obtaining 21,966 CPS at 0º tilt

First image: 21,966 CPS at 0º tilt. Second image:  Double etched chips (top) provide direct line of sight to EDS detectors compared to normal chips (bottom). Third image: 23,073 CPS at 15º tilt.


EDS Optimized chips deliver the same easy holder assembly you’ve come to expect when using Poseidon Select. Featuring reduced chip material, these chips deliver improved EDS performance and are as safe and reliable as all E-chips offered for Poseidon Select.


Improving Counts Per Second (CPS) up to six times* from traditional E-chips, these new chips reduce necessary acquisition time and accelerate your research. Acquire rich, dense EDS maps at any tilt range for applications like tomography, crystallography, and electrochemistry.


Acquire EDS data even at 0º tilt to ensure your experiment is running as planned or collect spectra to investigate unknown reactants in situ. With EDS optimized chips, you always have access to the power of elemental analysis throughout your entire experiment, letting you bolster your analysis at the click of a button.


*Improvement can vary based on detector configuration


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