FusionAX Publication Alert in Nano Letters!

Have you ever wanted to look at atomic resolution images of phase transformations in the TEM? This paper shows in situ atomic-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy using our #FusionAX system, in a Pt−Sn system. Heating the sample up showed showing the initial stages of the PtSn4 to PtSn2 phase transitions. In the video you can … Read More

Publication Alert for Poseidon AX & Dose in Small

Another Friday publication update! Want to know how to observe real time nanoparticle interactions, in liquid? In this paper, the depletion-induced self-assembly is observed of nanoparticles with different compositions and sizes. The dose was well monitored using our machine-vision #AXON Dose software, so that any electron beam induced artefacts were mitigated. These nanoparticles made beautiful … Read More

AXON Dose Publication Alert in Jove!

The universities are officially starting again and it is time to get back on the microscope! If you want to know how to use our machine-vision software with dose module, you can read this paper that was recently published. In this video article you can find a step-wise approach on how to use AXON with … Read More

Angus Kirkland on Research Data Management

We couldn’t agree more! As the FAIR principles and Research Data Management (RDM) requirements begin to show up as necessities in grant proposals all around the world, software with AXON’s capabilities will soon be a must-have in all TEM laboratories to integrate TEM and in situ equipment together, providing for proper rigor, reproducibility, and transparency … Read More

Congratulations to Prof. Kerstin Volz and Prof. Jürgen Janek

  Congratulations to Prof. Kerstin Volz and Prof. Jürgen Janek on the prestigious Greve Prize for your research in the field of rechargeable batteries. We are glad that our Atmosphere gas cell holder was able to make a contribution to your success. We are looking forward to your next great discoveries that will contribute to … Read More

International Women’s Day 2023

Happy International Women’s Day! Meet some of the lovely ladies that are working very hard on the production floor, finance, HR, and purchasing. These beautiful, intelligent women make sure that many critical operations move as smoothly as possible. This includes quality control, E-chip testing, hiring, cultural initiatives, order input and shipping, and many other tasks! … Read More

Case Study: Reduction of Iron Oxide

  In situ TEM experiments utilize very small amounts of sample (obviously) and, therefore, very small amounts of contaminants can completely ruin an experiment. This is why it is critical, when doing closed-cell gaseous reactions for catalysis research, that you find an in situ TEM system that is completely leak tight and won’t let in … Read More

Protochips™ announces the acquisition of the C-Flat™ and Au-flat™ product lines by Electron Microscopy Sciences™ (EMS)

VISIT EMS @ https://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/products/grids/cflat.aspx RALEIGH, N.C., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — First launched in 2005, C-Flat has become the industry standard TEM grid within the structural biology community.  Largely driven by the rapid growth of CryoEM and Single Particle Analysis (SPA) techniques, millions of C-flat grids have been used to support samples and help identify … Read More

Improved Electrochemistry E-chips

Better Electrical Stability To maximize electrical performance, the environment surrounding the reference electrode should be static and free from gaseous byproducts often created during electrochemical sweeping. By isolating the reference electrode away from the most active area surrounding the working and counter electrodes, this design greatly improves electrical stability. Conduct sequential cyclic voltammetry experiments again … Read More