In situ TEM experiments utilize very small amounts of sample (obviously) and, therefore, very small amounts of contaminants can completely ruin an experiment. This is why it is critical, when doing closed-cell gaseous reactions for catalysis research, that you find an in situ TEM system that is completely leak tight and won’t let in even the smallest amounts of air during an experiment. The below example shows how < 1 % of oxygen (left) can completely halt the dynamics of iron oxide’s reduction. You would never have known that the reaction SHOULD be happening (right) as this could contamination could occur from small amounts of lab air slowly seeping in through leak. Using AXON’s match correlation, there is quantitative evidence that no dynamics at all are detected by the machine vision software under the (simulated) oxygen contamination. Want to learn more about our leak-tight, machine-vision empowered gas cell system Atmosphere? Download the brochure here: #cleanlinessfirst #nanotechnology #nanoscience #electronmicroscopy #insituTEM #findyourbreakthrough

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