New Flash Talk Alert From Katayun Barmak

Episode 19 of our #FlashTalk series is now available on YouTube! In this episode, Dr. Katayun Barmak from Columbia University shares her recently published work on automation of grain boundary detection using machine learning. Here, you can learn about the U-Net convolutional neural network that was trained on bright field datasets of polycrystalline materials. Bright field … Read More

New Flash Talk by Dr. Walid Dachraoui!

A new installment of our #FlashTalk series is up! Dr. Walid Dachraoui is talking about their newest paper published in ACS Nano on the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) in lithium-ion batteries using the #PoseidonAX system! To unravel the formation of the SEI layer during the first cycles, operando electrochemical liquid cell scanning transmission electron … Read More

Flash Talk Episode 12 by Dr. Yifei Yuan on Kinetics in Lithium Oxide Batteries!

We have another new Flash Talk for your viewing pleasure! Come join Dr. Yifei Yuan of Wenzhou University as he discusses he research on lithium-oxygen batteries using the Protochips Poseidon system! Watch his Flash Talk here: Do you use Protochips products and want to make your own Flash Talk to share with the world? … Read More

Flash Talk Episode 11 by Dr. Vinavadini Ramnarain on the prenucleation stages of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) formation

We have a new Flash Talk ready for your viewing pleasure! Check out Dr. Vinavadini Ramnarain of IPCMS discuss visualizing in real-time of the prenucleation stages of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) formation. Calcium carbonate is one of the most significant biominerals in nature and an understanding of its formation pathways has great implication in the field … Read More

Flash Talk Episode 9 by Dr. Joanna Korpanty on Polymeric Nanomaterials in Liquid Phase TEM!

Flash Talk Episode 9 has just been posted on YouTube! Watch it now! In Flash Talk episode 9 Joanna Korpanty, from Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry, will tell you something about her recent publication on solvated polymeric nanomaterials in liquid cell electron microscopy. A worm-to-micelle transformation was triggered via organic solvent mixing during the … Read More