Preparation of High-Quality Sample for MEMS-Based In-Situ (S)TEM Experiments

Tuesday publication update! Congratulations to @Vesna from the university of Stuttgart on publishing this nice work showing a new methodology for the preparation of focussed ion beam (FIB) lamella for in-situ microscopy. Additionally, they investigated what the influence of the beam was on the electrical and electro-thermal measurements. Furthermore, thinning of the whole lamella or … Read More

Observing resistive switching behaviors in single Ta2O5 nanotube-based memristive devices

A new paper has come out showing the behavior of memrestive devices using the #FusionSelect with electrical characterization! The authors are looking at one dimensional Ta2O5 nanotubes and using EELS to look at the changes while biasing the sample. Do you want to learn more about their research? Follow the link: #1Dmaterials #electronicdevices #microscope#findyourbreakthrough … Read More

In Situ Liquid Electrochemical TEM Investigation of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 Thin Film Cathode for Micro-Battery Applications

Be sure to check out these recent results from Arnaud Demortière‘s lab using our situ electrochemistry system #PoseidonSelect and 4D STEM to understand the morphological changes behind capacity fading of lithium batteries. Read it here at: Ankush Bhatia, Sorina Cretu, Maxime Hallot, Nicolas Folastre, Maxime Berthe, David TROADEC, Pascal Roussel, Jean-Pierre Pereira-Ramos, Rita Baddour-Hadjean, … Read More

Correlating the dispersion of Li@Mn6 superstructure units with the oxygen activation in Li-rich layered cathode

Researchers in the Mingjian Zhang and Feng Pan groups, and Peking University and ShanghaiTech University utilized Protochips #FusionSelect and #AXON to study the dispersion of lithium manganese subunits at high temperature in Li-rich transition metal layered oxides. You can read about their research here: Zhaoxi Chen #energyresearch #batteryresearch #materialscience#electronmicroscopy #microscopy#findyourbreakthrough