Tuesday publication update! Would you like to be able to observe a catalyst’s synthesis behavior under a water vapor? In this newest research by Savannah Turner, Nienke Visser, Remco Dalebout, Petra de Jongh and Krijn de Jong published in #Small, the researchers from #UtrechtUniversity looked at the role of water vapor on nickel based catalyst synthesis using our #AtmosphereAX!

In this study, the influence of water vapor at the nanoscale during the reduction of a nickel phyllosilicate catalyst precursor under H2/Ar gas at 700°C was observed and compared with a dry synthesis at 500°C. The authors observed that water vapor not only suppresses and delays nucleation but also paradoxically accelerates particle growth.

☁️ As reduction progresses, water vapor plays a pivotal role in enhancing Ostwald ripening, leading to increased particle coalescence. This lead to the observed mechanism where water vapor facilitates the formation of mobile nickel hydroxide species, thereby promoting faster rates of particle growth during and after reduction.

These findings deepen the understanding of catalyst synthesis dynamics, which can only be observed using nanoscale microscopy combined with gas, vapor and heating!

Find the full publication here:

The video shows the synthesis bahavior at 700 °C of the nickel nanoparticles from nickel phyllosilicates under wet reduction atmosphere.

2024-05_01 Video

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