Workshop at McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario in Canada


05/09/2024 - 05/10/2024

Join us for a dynamic TWO-DAY WORKSHOP hosted by CCEM in partnership with Protochips Inc, where we delve into the cutting-edge realm of in-situ/operando microscopy and its latest innovations. This event boasts a stellar lineup of international speakers, ready to showcase their groundbreaking work and explore the applications of in-situ microscopy and spectroscopy in advanced materials characterization. For more information, see full flyer here. Our workshop covers a broad spectrum of topics, including liquid, gas, and electrochemical cell electron microscopy, AXON advancements, correlative microscopy, and the diverse array of applications spanning from batteries and biological imaging to nanomaterials. Expect an exhilarating experience filled with keynote addresses, oral/poster presentations, panel discussions on microscopy advancements, live Protochips tutorials, networking opportunities, and tours of CCEM.

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