All of our E-chips deliver the same consistent, reliable performance you expect regardless of your microscope or holder configuration.


All of our electrical and thermal biasing chips are rigorously tested in house and come with their own, unique calibration file to maximize your experiment accuracy.


Every innovation in our E-chip lineup improves your in situ capabilities because all of our E-chips are universally compatible with all major microscope manufacturers holders, minimizing your need for MEMS inventory.


Atmosphere uses two E-chips to seal and encapsulate your gaseous environment. The integrated ceramic heater can be configured in either the top or bottom chip, giving you the flexibility of maximizing imaging conditions for TEM or STEM and EDS.

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Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select uses two E-chips to seal and encapsulate your liquid environment. Available in over 400 combinations, Poseidon Select E-Chips allow you to choose your ideal liquid thickness and also available with integrated circuits that deliver liquid heating and electrochemistry capabilities.

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Fusion Select

Fusion Select uses a variety of thermal, electrical, and electrothermal E-chips to control your experiment. Samples can be placed directly over integrated holes in the E-chips, or chips can be delivered with a support film over the holes. Electrical E-chips are available with numerous electrical configurations for unique sample geometries, including FIB-friendly configurations.

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