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Kholoud Salem,

2nd year PhD student in Higgins Lab, ChemEng, McMaster University

Machine-vision AXON tool has been crucial to my research in in-situ liquid phase TEM for electrochemical CO2 reduction. It allows for a precise understanding of the dose, enabling me to properly control the dose during TEM experiments, particularly under liquid cell conditions, where beam interaction through aqueous solutions causes radiolitic decomposition of the liquid electrolyte into reducing and oxidizing species, causing observable changes in the material.

With AXON Dose, I can individually monitor and adjust the optimal dose rates on a per-pixel basis, enhancing the efficiency of my experiments in ways previously unattainable. AXON Dose helped to overcome the challenge of unintentional sample damage caused by beam interaction during my in-situ measurements. By precisely controlling the dose rates, it minimizes the risk of altering the sample’s characteristics in ways that lead to erroneous conclusions, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the obtained results.

AXON Dose significantly reduces the time spent on trial-and-error adjustments and eliminates the need to manually calculate a sample’s dose threshold,  which can be time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies.

Without AXON Dose, conducting in-situ LP-TEM experiments under liquid cell conditions would be extremely challenging and prone to sample damage. The level of precision and control it provides is essential for accurately studying dynamic processes in real time without sacrificing your sample.”


Salem - Dose Testimonial - Mar 2024

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