An additional Friday publication update! Congratulations on a great #NatureCommunications from authors @Ahmed Abdellah of the group of @Leyla Soleymani and @Drew Higgins! In this newest publication, they showed how to remarkably do #diffraction at operando level during in situ electrochemistry. They used the #PoseidonAX system to look at Pd-based catalysts for the CO2 conversion into formate.

⚡️Using in-situ liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy and select area diffraction measurements they were able to track the dynamic evolution of Pd/PdHx phase interconversion as a function of electrode potential. These cutting-edge techniques illustrated degradation mechanisms on PdHx/Pd nanoparticles, including the effects of poisoning and physical structure alterations.

The shift in electrochemical CO2 conversion selectivity towards CO/H2 at increasing overpotentials was attributed not to morphological or phase structure changes, but rather to electrode potential-dependent alterations in reaction energetics.

Would you like to read the whole publication? Find it here:


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