New E-chip Alert! We have two new E-chips for Poseidon electrochemistry and we so excited to share them with you!

Our new Flow Management small E-chip that contains a unique “trench” design to increase your experimental success rate while widening the electrical potential windows achievable. They enable:

* Swift removal of unwanted gas bubbles to prevent ending an experiment prematurely

* Controlled creation and removal of bubbles, if desired, for trying to increase imaging resolution

* Extended electrical potential ranges due to increased amounts of liquid in the right areas * Best compromise between bulk-like and nanoscale environments, with larger amounts of liquid around the reference and counter electrodes, but thin layers of liquid in the imaging area Pair with our new thinner-spacer (100 nm) electrochemistry E-chips for the highest success rates with the thinnest liquid layers.

The Flow Management small E-chips will be available in multiple spacer sizes. Join our waitlist to be notified when these E-chips are available for order:

Did you know we make all our own E-chips in-house? We design, manufacture, quality check, and package all our own E-chips. This gives us the ultimate control over the designs, materials, quality, and price, allowing us respond quickly and create a better experience for our customers.

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