Tuesday publication post! Have you ever tried putting methanol vapors in a transmission electron microscope, while still looking at nanoscale reactions? This latest research is looking into catalyst deactivation in the Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons (MTH) process using the #AtmosphereAX system!

Traditional zeolite (ZSM-5) catalysts often face rapid deactivation due to coke deposition, hindering efficiency and necessitating frequent regeneration. In this research low-melting-point metals like Gallium (Ga) were used as catalyst promoters.

☁️Using in situ microscopy with a Protochips Vapor Kit, methanol was introduced into the system while imaging at the nanoscale. The authors showed that the promoted Ga significantly enhanced the stability of methanol conversion by impeding coke deposition and aiding in the desorption of carbonaceous species from the zeolite.

By physically integrating liquid gallium with ZSM-5 zeolite, a ~14x increase in catalyst lifetime compared to the standard ZSM-5 was achieved! These findings pave the way for the development of deactivation-resistant zeolite catalysts, offering a promising avenue for sustainable and efficient MTH processes.

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2024-04_03 Atmosphere

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