Tuesday publication update! In this latest research by the group of @Petra de Jongh, and written by @Nienke Visser, the #Atmosphere system was used to investigate supported metal catalysts, aiming to unlock the secrets of nanoparticle growth and enhance their longevity.

️ Using in situ gas-phase transmission electron microscopy, the group achieved real-time visualization of tens of nickel nanoparticles supported on carbon during CO2 hydrogenation at atmospheric pressure and 450°C.

‍Two distinct modes of particle movement were observed, one fast and intermittent and the other slow and gradual. These dynamics reveal a fascinating interplay between diffusion, coalescence, and Ostwald ripening as the particles grow.

This research not only sheds light on the complex nanoparticle growth mechanisms but also underscores the significance of studying these phenomena under reaction conditions. These findings are a significant step forward in understanding the stability of supported metal catalysts.

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