The Fusion Select holder is available in single or double-tilt for TEM; other versions are available for NION TEM and SEM microscopes. The electrical connector is compatible with heating, heating and biasing, and heating and biasing high sensitivity (picoamp) power supply.

E-chips for different purposes

E-chips are the core of the Fusion Select holder, where the experiment is conducted. Fusion Select E-chips are available in different designs for a wide range of materials and their geometry is universally compatible with multiple microscope brands. The heating Silicon Nitride, Holey carbon and through hole E-chips can reach up to 1200 °C temperature; heat uniformity, temperature accuracy and delamination-free operation are guaranteed by Silicon Carbide Protochips exclusive heating MEMS technology.

Clarity Software Suite

Utilizing a workflow-driven interface, Clarity software runs and controls all heating and biasing Protochips products, including Fusion Select, Atmosphere and Poseidon Select (heating). its simplicity enables real-time sample control without encumbering your workspace.

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