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C-flat is shipped clean, so it can be used out of the box with no solvent washing steps required prior to use.  That means less effort, less handling, and less damage to the grid and the holey carbon film.

Thick or Thin Carbon

Flexible options to balance resolution and strength: with an enhanced patented carbon deposition process, robust carbon films are available in both thick (40 nm) and thin (20 nm) options.

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C-flat is readily available in 54 configurations: • 6 different carbon patterns • 200, 300 and 400 mesh • Copper and Gold grids • 2 different carbon thicknesses • See our 2019 C-flat ordering guide for all available configurations.

outline of important measurements

C-flat products are defined by 4 parameters: the hole diameter, pitch of the holey carbon film, the material type, and mesh size. The regular thickness of the carbon film is 20 nm with a thick carbon option of 40 nm.
Whether 1 µm holes are needed for very high magnifications with ultra-high resolution cameras or large open areas are needed for larger specimens, C-flat is the perfect holey carbon grid.

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C-flat holey carbon grids provide the ideal specimen support to achieve high resolution data, making it the perfect choice for single particle analysis, cryo electron tomography and automated TEM analysis.

Cryo Electron Microscopy

Researchers report that the ultra-flat surface of C-flat leads to thin ice and uniform particle distribution, enabling superior data collection compared to other support films.


Measuring critical dimensions of transistor gate structures and other semiconductor thin films requires TEM-based metrology. C-flat provides a regular array of analysis sites covered with a thin, amorphous sample support, features that are required for automated CD-TEM characterization.

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