Holey Film TEM Grids are defined by 6 parameters:

• Hole diameter: range of sizes from 1.2 µm to 8 µm
• Hole spacing: range of sizes from 1 µm and 4 µm
• Film material: Carbon, Gold Alloy
• Grid material: Copper, Gold
• Grid mesh size: 200, 300, 400
• Film thickness: 20 nm and 40 nm

C-Flat TEM Grid

The ultra-flat holey carbon grid perfectly suited for cryo-EM.  With 54 varieties, there is always a C-flat™ product optimized for your needs.

Au-Flat TEM Grid

Improve your image quality and resolution with the gold alloy film of Au-Flat, which reduces particle movement during imaging.

CD-Flat TEM Grid

The premier holey carbon sample support for automated S/TEM imaging and metrology.

au-flat tem grids


A unique gold foil sample support with superior
stability for Cryo-EM

• Reconstructions with less data
• Biocompatible
• Uniform Vitreous Ice Across Grids
• More Accurate Defocus
• Durable
• Prevent Mistakes

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C-Flat and Au-Flat provide the ideal specimen support to achieve high-resolution data, making it the perfect choice for single particle analysis and cryo-tomography

CD-Flat is the premier transmission electron microscopy sample support for automated S/TEM imaging and metrology

Cryo Electron Microscopy

Researchers report that the ultra-flat surface of C-flat leads to thin ice and uniform particle distribution, enabling superior data collection compared to other support films.


Measuring critical dimensions of transistor gate structures and other semiconductor thin films requires TEM-based metrology. C-Flat provides a regular array of analysis sites covered with a thin, amorphous sample support, features that are required for automated CD-TEM characterization.

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