Poseidon Select Components + Workflow

Every Protochips in situ holder is driven by Clarity workflow-driven software, using a wide variety of MEMS-based E-chips and accessories to best fit your research needs. All of these components are fully approved by the major microscope manufacturers to meet their rigorous standards for safety, compatibility, and reliability.

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exploded view of liquid cell holder


The Poseidon Select holder has 3 liquid ports, 2 inlets to allow liquid mixing, and 1 outlet, a tip engineered for easy loading and quick assembly, and high line of sight for maximum x-ray counts for EDS analysis. It features unique catheter (tube-in-a-tube) replaceable liquid lines, which can be swapped in seconds, to mitigate cross-contamination of chemicals. Poseidon Select has options for high performance electrochemistry, as well as uniform and accurate heating to 100 °C.

E-chips to Fit Your Application

E-chips are the core of the Poseidon Select system. Poseidon Select E-chips are available in different designs for static, flow-through, heating and electrochemistry measurements. They are compatible across JEOL and Thermo Fisher TEMs.Poseidon Select assembly requires two E-chips, both of which come in a variety of configurations. Temperature accuracy and delamination-free operation are guaranteed by Silicon Carbide Protochips exclusive heating MEMS technology.

Clarity Software Suite

Utilizing a workflow-driven interface, Clarity software runs and controls all Protochips products, including Fusion, Atmosphere and Poseidon Select (heating). Its simplicity enables real-time sample control without encumbering your workspace.

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