Now optimized specifically for all JEOL electron microscopy systems

liquid in situ TEM cell optimized for UHR EDS

  • High throughput EDS
  • Better image stability 
  • Ultra-high resolution compatible

liquid cell TEM EDS at 200,000x and 10° til cross-section of Poseidon MEMS device optimized for EDS on UHR TEMsliquid cell TEM EDS at 50,000x and 15° til

First image: 200,000x magnification at 10° tilt. Second image: Cross-section of a Poseidon Select E-chip optimized for UHR EDS. Third image: 50,000x magnification at 15° tilt.


The new Poseidon holders for JEOL microscopes features the same, swift holder assembly that is legacy to these products, now with the addition of EDS capabilities. Self-aligning parts automatically align E-chips with the single O-ring gasket to form a perfect, hermetic seal every time.


These new holders feature direct line-of-sight to all EDS detector configurations optimizing counts per second (CPS). The streamlined lid enables EDS analysis at any tilt, allowing for maximum signal at 15º tilt, reducing the time to create dense EDS maps, regardless of experimental conditions.


New improved image stability is achieved by advanced alloys which maximize heat sinking, while reducing thermal drift by over 50%. Plated with an inert coating, this design does not interact with sensitive samples, allowing for better experiment repeatability even at high temperatures.

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