Dear Customers, Colleagues and Friends of Protochips,

Virtually all of us have been impacted in some way by this crisis and we wish you the very best both personally and professionally as you manage through these incredibly difficult times.

As some of you may know, Protochips not only is a solution for in situ microscopy, we also design and manufacture grids and supplies for Cryo-EM. Our colleagues in this community have done some exemplary work with our C-Flat product in recent weeks to help with this crisis, and because we’re essential to this work, we will continue to operate for the electron microscopy community.

We realize many of you are working remotely and likely have scaled down the on-site personnel in your labs. Following similar protocols, we have a small team operating safely in our facility while most of us work from our homes. Just know if you need our support and assistance, through our products or through our team, we are fully functional and available to support you.

Over the coming weeks we intend to provide webinars and other virtual opportunities to share research and discuss techniques with the community as everyone works remotely. Many of you have a lot of questions about our new software platform, AXON, and our new cryo product, Au-Flat. We’re setting ourselves up to help answer those questions and, after everyone gets settled into this new routine, we’d love to engage with you virtually and learn more about your research and how we can help advance it.

Whatever happens in the near term and wherever our new “normal” lies ahead, just know that our team is here to support you and your research. We extend our sincere wish for the safety and health of you and your families.


David Nakashi, Ph.D

CEO, Co-Founder 



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