In situ heating and electrical biasing for the worlds highest resolution EM

wireframe illustration of Fusion Nion holder

By combining Fusion with Nion, you can now observe nanoscale reactions up to 1200 ºC, characterize materials with pA level electrical accuracy, and customize experiments with MEMS-based E-chips.

specifications for Fusion Nion MEMS-devices



All of Protochips’ Fusion E-chips are fully compatible with Nion cartridges, and only take seconds to load. Each of these chips is tested in-house and comes with a unique calibration file that is used by the Protochips Clarity software to precisely control and monitor experiment conditions for any experiment. This software takes just 15 minutes to learn, featuring a user-friendly interface that suits the workflow of any in situ experiment.


The Protochips family of E-chips offers a wide array of materials, configurations, and features that can customize any electrical, thermal, or electrothermal experiment. E-chips are offered with, and without an amorphous SiN membrane sample support, allowing for the EDS and EELS analytical capabilities expected in Nion instruments.


Images courtesy of Andy Lupini, Oak Ridge National Lab


Protochips’ patented SiC heating membrane produces uniform heating across the viewing area, and maintains <5% thermal variation while retaining thermal stability of <0.01C. Electrical experiments require miniscule currents and low-leakage for quantitative nanoscale sample characterization. That’s why Fusion’s electrical components were engineered to provide single digit picoamp controls with measurement sensitivity into the attoamps.

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