Electron beam induced chemistry of gold nanoparticles in saline solution

The emerging technique of liquid transmission electron microscopy (liquid TEM) offers many new possibilities to study materials in a liquid environment. That includes studying processes such as the formation or interactions of nanoparticles (NPs).

This research was possible by utilizing Poseidon Select to study how the chemistry of gold nanoparticles in water is influenced by solution parameters such as the pH or the NaCi concentration under electron beam irradiation.

This research required using the Poseidon Select as experimental challenges arise from the high-energy electrons interacting with the sample and its liquid environment. Poseidon Select is the only Liquid Flow Cell system on the market to have been certified by FEI, JEOL and Hitachi as safe for use in their instruments. Consequently, it was the perfect partner for this study.

The results showed that depending on parameters, gold nanoparticles either dissolved, merged or remained unchanged.  For the full paper, visit http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2015/CC/C5CC06812F#!divAbstract

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