Real-time Movies of Copper Nanoparticles at Berkeley Lab!

  Check out this really neat article out of Berkeley Lab where researchers have made real-time movies of copper nanoparticles as they evolve to convert carbon dioxide and water into renewable fuels and chemicals. Their new insights could help advance the next generation of solar fuels. Dr. Yao Yang (center), Dr. Cheng Wang (left), and … Read More

From Bulk to Nano in the Fusion AX

  One of our biggest focuses as a company is providing tools that properly scale experiments from bulk to nano. This means the in situ conditions our systems generate inside the TEM mimic those used on the bulk scale as closely as possible, creating results that are relevant and can confidently be incorporated as a … Read More

Innovative E-chip Designs Enable Successful In Situ Electrochemical Experiments

The sample support is just as important as the hardware, if not more, for a successful in situ TEM electrochemical experiment. At Protochips, we have more than 100 years combined semiconductor development experience that we’ve leveraged into designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable sample supports, or “E-chips”, for in situ TEM applications. We consult with … Read More

Streamline Your Workflow

Sample preparation is often a tedious and time-consuming task, but it is important to get it right because unintentional variations in the process can derail the entire experiment and falsely label an experiment as “failed”. Protochips has just released a new set of workflow tools that will not only make sample preparation much more reproducible … Read More

New FIB-Optimized E-chips

  Prepare Lamellae in 1/2 the time Use your existing FIB workflow Improve the quality of your electrical measurements   New FIB-optimized E-chips use the same sample preparation procedures you are used to in traditional FIB preparation and produce better electrical measurements. (Left) Create thin lamellae liftouts and attach them to E-chips with ease and … Read More


Protochips Launches In Situ AX
Machine Vision Powered Solutions for your TEM Applications, Apr. 13, 2023

WATCH – AXON – The Next Technology Inflection Point
Our new AXON machine vision platform synchronizes your optical column, detectors and holders, Oct. 16, 2020

WATCH – Our Latest Webinar
An Introduction to Safe and Efficient Remote TEM Collaboration Using the AXON Software Platform, Oct. 1, 2020

AXON is Here
Introduced in December, AXON is the first software system designed for in situ microscopy that links the TEM, detectors and in situ systems together creating a powerful, new experience for scientists and engineers. The promotion below allows you to get in the queue now at special pricing., Mar. 3, 2020