PoseidonAX Publication alert in Nature Communications!

An additional Friday publication update! Are you interested in doing hydrogen evolution reactions using in situ liquid cell electron microscopy? In this newest publication in Nature Communications the authors looked at the surface amorphization in alkaline media! In this latest work the authors infused a trace of Ru (0.81 wt.%) into NiPS3 nanosheets, and witnessed … Read More

Atmosphere, Poseidon and AXON Publication Alert in Chemistry of Materials

An additional Friday publication update! Lead halide perovskites (LHPs) are the future of optoelectronic devices, thanks to their unique physical properties. Yet, the synthesis of MAPI perovskites via ligand-assisted reprecipitation (LARP) has so far not been researched. In this groundbreaking study, advanced in-situ techniques were done with the #PoseidonAX and the #Atmosphere system to demystify … Read More

PoseidonAX Publication Alert in Nanoscale!

Tuesday publication update! In this newest publication the authors use the radiolytic oxidation of Ce3+ in aqueous solution as a model reaction, shedding light on the formation of CeO2 particles using in-situ LP-EM with our #PoseidonAX system. The effects of varying irradiation dose rates was researched together with the resulting diffusion of Ce ions on … Read More

Poseidon AX Publication Alert in Advanced Science

In this recent publication, the authors have used liquid phase electron microscopy to observe the dynamic behavior of geothite during dissolution under the irradiation of the electron beam. Kinetic simulations of the different radiolysis species provides insight into the redox and acidity of the liquid during the exposure to the beam. These interactions are very … Read More

Poseidon AX Publication Alert in ACS Applied Energy Materials

In this publication, the authors have researched a typical platinum fuel cell at nanometer scale, using the #PoseidonAX system with electrochemistry. The 3 nm platinum on carbon particles were observed after a large amount of CV cycles in which the particles grew over time. The growth was followed using in situ liquid phase electron microscopy. … Read More

Poseidon AX Publication Alert in Micron

In this publication from the #UniversityUtrecht and #UniversitéeParisCité the authors have looked at the fabrication of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts using the #PoseidonAX system. Iron oxide nanoparticles were flown through the tubings of the liquid cell holder and then subsequently attached to carbon nanofibers. The differences between oxidized and pristine carbon nanofibers was investigated, and it was … Read More

New Poseidon AX Publication in ACS Nano!

An additional Friday publication update! Controlled etching behavior is extremely important to be able to create crystal solids with defined structures and functions. In this newest publication, in situ liquid cell transmission electron microscopy was used to oberserve the dynamic behavior during the pencil shape evolution of a single crystal ZnO nanorod in aqueous hydrochloric … Read More

Poseidon AX Publication Alert in Nature Communications!

  Additional Friday publication update! In this Nature Communications publication, in situ liquid-cell transmission electron microscopy, using the #PoseidonAX, was used to find the atomistic details during the nucleation and growth of Pd@Pt nanocubes. Various parameters were investigated, such as colloidal capping agents and the precursor concentration. Obtaining atomistic real-time information on the growth of … Read More


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Poseidon AX Publication Alert in Nature!

  New Tuesday publication! In this publication featured in Nature, our #PoseidonSelect was used to look at crystals grown from high-energy precursors. Most of the time, these adopt metastable structures depending on the initial conditions, such as temperature, pressure or crystal size. With the unique environment created in the liquid cell, the formation of a … Read More