Phase-controllable large-area two dimensional In2Se3 and ferroelectric heterophase junction

  Memory transistors based on two-dimensional (2D) ferroelectric semiconductors are intriguing for next-generation in-memory computing. Using the #FusionSelect, a heating study was performed on some beautiful 2D In2Se3 films. The phase-controllable synthesis strategies of large-area 2D In2Se3 films from this study can open numerous opportunities in developing novel structures and concepts for future FE electronics … Read More

Metal Monolayers on Command: Underpotential Deposition at Nanocrystal Surfaces: A Quantitative Operando Electrochemical Transmission Electron Microscopy Study

  Are you interested in combing #LiquidEM and #Xrayspectroscopy? Authors from #UniversityofBerkley have recently published some beautiful results in #JACS on Cu nanocatalysts for CO2 electroreduction. Using a #PoseidonSelect in their beamline set-up for small-angle x-ray scattering, the researchers were able to investigate the chemical environment and interparticle information on nanocatalysts. Want to learn more? … Read More

Operando Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering Studies of Chemical Environment and Interparticle Dynamics of Cu Nanocatalysts for CO2 Electroreduction

  Another new publication on a Tuesday! In this new publication the researchers combined X-ray absorption spectroscopy and #LiquidEM electrochemistry. Using small-angle X-ray scattering, they were able to probe particle-particle interactions of large ensambles of nanoparticles, while doing electrochemistry simultaneously! Please take a look at their research here: #microscopy #electronmicroscopy #insituTEM #catalysis #PoseidonSelect#electrochemistry #SAXS … Read More

Frequency-controlled electrophoretic mobility of a particle within a porous, hollow shell

  Publication update on a Tuesday! Researchers at Universiteit Utrecht University have recently published on how yolk-shell particle behaviour can be influenced by an AC field using the #PoseidonSelect in an #LiquidEM environment. The mobility of the core particles was impacted just by changing the AC field creating a frequency-dependent mobility. You can read more … Read More

Operando Electrochemical TEM, ex-situ SEM and Atomistic Modeling Studies of MnS dissolution and its role in Triggering Pitting Corrosion in 304L Stainless Steel

  Researchers at University of Virginia used operando TEM to study pitting corrosion in stainless steel. Using a Protochips #PoseidonSelect they performed liquid-TEM studies during applied potentiodynamic polarization and observed the dissolution of MnS in inclusions in a lamella of 304L stainless steel. Read their paper published in Corrosion Science here: Danyil Kovalov Christopher … Read More