Atmosphere AX Publication update in Nature Communications!

Tuesday publication update! Are you interested in doing catalysis in which you can actually see your reaction happening on the nanoscale? Researchers at the Northwestern University have recently published in Nature Communications using the Atmosphere AX system, including our machine vision software AXON. They looked at the coalescence and growth of these high-index-facet Pt-Bi nanoparticles … Read More

Identification of Nanoscale Processes Associated with the Disorder-to-Order Transformation of Carbon-Supported Alloy Nanoparticles

  How do you use in-situ TEM to further your research? Sara Skrabalak‘s group at Indiana University Bloomington uses Protochips‘ #FusionSelect to perform in-situ annealing studies of intermetallic nanoparticles. You can download their latest paper here: Hannah Ashberry Xun Zhan #materialsscience #electronmicroscopy #TEM #insituTEM#nanoparticles