AtmosphereAX Publication Alert in J. Phys. Chem. C!

Tuesday publication update! In this newest research written by @TomWelling, the #AtmosphereAX system was used to track carbon nanofiber growth from NiCu-catalyzed methane decomposition under true working conditions. By directly comparing real-time overall carbon growth rates in a reactor (measured gravimetrically) with nanometer-scale carbon growth observations (by electron microscopy), the ex-situ and in-situ results can … Read More

Atmosphere, Poseidon and AXON Publication Alert in Chemistry of Materials

An additional Friday publication update! Lead halide perovskites (LHPs) are the future of optoelectronic devices, thanks to their unique physical properties. Yet, the synthesis of MAPI perovskites via ligand-assisted reprecipitation (LARP) has so far not been researched. In this groundbreaking study, advanced in-situ techniques were done with the #PoseidonAX and the #Atmosphere system to demystify … Read More

AtmosphereAX Publication Alert in ACS Nano!

Tuesday publication update! In this latest research by the group of @PetradeJongh, and written by @NienkeVisser, the #Atmosphere system was used to investigate supported metal catalysts, aiming to unlock the secrets of nanoparticle growth and enhance their longevity. ️ Using in situ gas-phase transmission electron microscopy, the group achieved real-time visualization of tens of nickel … Read More

AtmosphereAX Publication Alert in Nature Communications!

Tuesday publication update! Oxygen reduction reactions are of particular interest in research to fuel cell cathodes. In this paper, the catalytic performance of platinum alloy nanoparticles is investigated using the #AtmosphereAX system at atomic resultion in an electron microscope. Initial segregation of a thin platinum, rather than cobalt oxide, surface layer is observed while the … Read More

Atmosphere AX Publication Alert in JACS

Tuesday publication update! In this exciting new publication from the Universitée de Rouen Normandie the authors are looking at zeolite particle reformation under atmosphere. Addition of CO2 and various temperatures changes the response of the nanocrystals. Moreover, EDS analysis was performed to observe how the CO2 interactions with the crystals. The combination of experimental work … Read More

Atmosphere AX Publication update in Nature Communications!

Tuesday publication update! Are you interested in doing catalysis in which you can actually see your reaction happening on the nanoscale? Researchers at the Northwestern University have recently published in Nature Communications using the Atmosphere AX system, including our machine vision software AXON. They looked at the coalescence and growth of these high-index-facet Pt-Bi nanoparticles … Read More


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Atmosphere AX Publication Alert in ACS Appl. Mater Interfaces

  Friday publication update! In this recent publication, the role of metal vacancies was discovered in InGaN quantum wells, using the #Atmosphere system. Using focussed ion beam (FIB) preparation methods, a MOVPE nanoreactor was added to the #Gascell system and investigated for void formation, in situ. Metal vacancy agglomeration was a crucial part of the … Read More

Atmosphere AX Publication Alert in ACS Appl. Nano Mater.

  Tuesday publication update! Phase change materials (PCMs) are promising candidates for thermal regulation of devices at high temperature. These authors have used the #Atmosphere System to develop a liquid-phase processing technique and design aluminum matrix nanocomposites made of phase change nanoparticles, using bismuth nanoparticles as a proof-of-concept. This process opens the way to a … Read More

Atmosphere AX Publication Alert in Small!

  Tuesday publication update! Have you ever wondered how the surface of gold particles behaves under atmospheric pressure with different gasses? Researchers from Paris recently published an article on atomic resolution size-dependent gold nanoparticles using the #Atmosphere System. By combining atomic scale in situ observations and modeling, this work provides a fundamental understanding of the … Read More