“Understanding Commercial Catalyst Behavior at Operational Temperatures and Pressures via High Resolution In Situ Microscopy”

Poseidon Select holder The desire to reduce loadings, lower operating temperatures and increase conversion efficiencies present particularly stringent criteria for the development of commercial automotive catalysts. In situ methods and results will be presented that help elucidate, for example, the influence of Pd on the behavior of Pt nanoparticles during high temperature oxidation and reduction cycling treatments. “Watch catalyst experts Dr. Abhaya Datye of the University of New Mexico and Dr. Lawrence Allard of Oak Ridge National Laboratory present their research conducted on the Atmosphere 200 system. Implemented through Materials Today. Dr. Datye and Dr. Allard’s research was done with General Motors and other industrial partners and supported by the NSF GOALI Program. The complete webinar can be viewed here

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