The M&M 2015 show in Portland, Oregon featured an impressive tutorial highlighting the Protochips Atmosphere System by Eric Prestat, of the Materials Science Department at the University of Manchester.

Prestat, a winner of the Robert P. Apkarian Memorial Scholarship Award, presented his research obtained using an FEI Titan ChemiSTEM and the Atmosphere system which allows elemental mapping at a high spatial resolution, ambient pressure and high temperature.

Ben Jacobs, Protochips Atmosphere Product Manager, concurrently demonstrated the Atmosphere system on the FEI Talos F200X in the challenging environment of a trade show floor. Even under these conditions, the system set up was completed in less than an hour, and lattice resolution images and EDS data were captured within minutes. The Atmosphere System turned a standard TEM into a true environmental TEM, eliminating the constraints typically imposed by the column vacuum.

As shown during the demonstration, the system is a powerful, fully automated E-cell based environmental accessory that provides an unparalleled view of the atomic-scale world. With Atmosphere, 1 ATM can be reached even at temperatures up to 1000°C while closed-loop control maintains a constant sample temperature, regardless of the gas species or pressure inside the E-cell.

“Under atypical circumstances, the Atmosphere System performed amazingly well,” noted Yuri Rikers, Senior Application Specialist TEM at FEI.

“With efficient and easy to use workflows built into the software we were able to quickly observe lattice and collect EDS data on the conference exhibit floor while maintaining the safety of the Talos.”

Added John Damiano, Protochips CTO, “The ability to perform EDS analysis on samples in situ transforms any TEM into a robust tool for understanding material behavior under real-world conditions.”

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