Our in situ TEM solutions is driven by our in situ AX product line. In situ AX is a revolutionary workflow solution for in situ TEM that incorporates a first-of-its-kind machine vision software technology that instantly elevates the experience level and skill of the user, enabling capture of high resolution and high value data without multiple iterations. The solution extends beyond the microscope, with sample preparation and chip solutions to assist in setting up the experiment, and our AXON Studio software streamlining, processing and reporting your data.

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In Situ Gas Cell

Atmosphere AX introduces realistic, environmental temperatures and pressures inside the TEM, enabling you to image materials and processes in real-time.

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In Situ Liquid Cell

Poseidon AX seals a liquid environment between two electron-transparent membranes allowing you to observe real-time behavior within native liquid samples.

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In Situ Heating and Biasing

Fusion AX precisely controls thermal and electrical processes within the electron microscope, allowing you to explore sample behavior during heating and cooling.

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In Situ TEM Solutions

Scaling Bulk to Nano

Introduce accurate temperatures, biasing, heating or a combination of the two in your TEM environment. Our products help scientists extend their research to the nanoscale to observe process in real-time.

In Situ TEM Solutions

Accelerating Productivity

Including a thoughtfully designed arsenal of tools that support reproducible sample preparation and fast introduction into the TEM such as shadow masks, FIB preparation stubs and an inspection holder. These tools increase success rates and results with greater significance for users of all experience levels.

In Situ TEM Solutions

Fostering Collaboration and Discovery​

We introduce workflows that include data optimization solutions for correlating measurements and sharing with others. Using the machine-vision software tools, the identification of trends and results becomes much easier in large data sets and across different instruments. Using our free AXON Studio software collaboration can be enhanced by making experimental results easier to share, publish and reproduce.


Did you know that Protochips fabricates all their E-chips in house? This makes us the fastest deliverer of E-chips in the field! We have a large variety of E-chips available that all make use of our semiconductor fabrication technology, in which we are experts.

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Publishing research data using Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) principles is becoming increasingly important particular when applying for funding.

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