Visualizing nanoparticle mobility in liquid at atomic resolution

Dukes, Madeline J., Benjamin W. Jacobs, David G. Morgan, Harshad Hegde and Deborah F. Kelly, 2013

Image courtesy of Chem Comm


Gold nanorods are widely known for their photothermal properties to treat solid tumors. Our work demonstrates the unrealized capacity to image these reagents in liquid at high resolution using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Here we perform the first atomic measurements of functionalized nanorods in solution while visualizing their dynamic behaviour with TEM.

Impact Statement

Live video imaging of the mobility of polyvinyl pyridine (PVP)- passivated gold nanorods and how they migrate in liquid. Nanorod movement and aggregation was imaged using an acceleration voltage of 120 KV TEM and high resolution images were obtained in situ using 300 KV TEM.
Keywords: Nanoparticles; Dynamics