In situ Atmospheric Transmission Electron Microscopy of Catalytic Nanomaterials

Sheng Dai(1), Wenpei Gao(1), George W. Graham(1), Xiaoqing Pan(1,2), 2018


Significant developments in micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based devices for use in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample holders have recently led to the commercialization of windowed gas cells that now enable the atomic-resolution visualization of phenomena occurring during gas-solid interactions at atmospheric pressure. In situ atmospheric TEM study provides unique information that is beneficial to correlating the structure-properties relationship of catalytic nanomaterials, particularly under realistic gaseous reaction conditions. In this paper, we illustrate the capability of this novel in situ device as applied to our study of two catalyst systems: (1) In situ kinetic growth of free standing Pt nanowires as active catalysts toward oxygen reduction reaction (ORR); (2) In situ observation of facet-dependent oxidation of another promising ORR catalyst, Pt3Co nanoparticles. Keywords: in situ, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), catalytic

Impact Statement

The authors here highlight on the ability of in situ TEM to study the growth of free standing Pt nanowires and facet-dependent oxidation of Pt3Co NPs.