This paper explores platinum nanoparticle formation during the early stages of growth by atomic layer deposition. Particle size and distribution can be controlled by altering growth parameters. The particles show excellent temperature stability up to 900°C900°C as examined by transmission electron microscopy and in situ heating. Capacitance–voltage and charge retention measurements demonstrate the memory effect in metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with embedded nanoparticles. The size, density, charge storage, and temperature stability of the platinum nanoparticles make them attractive for use as charge storage layers for nonvolatile memory devices.

Impact Statement

Used ALD to deposit Pt nanoparticles on SiO2 for non-volatile memory applications. Pt nanoparticles are used as the charge storage layer. The authors use Fusion to determine thermal stability of the nanoparticles to ensure that they can endure high temperature process steps.