Direct Observation of Current-Induced Motion of a 3D Vortex Domain Wall in Cylindrical Nanowires

Yurii P. Ivanov, Andrey Chuvilin, Sergei Lopatin, Hanan Mohammed, and Jurgen Kosel, 2017

Image courtesy of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


The current-induced dynamics of 3D magnetic vortex domain walls in cylindrical Co/Ni nanowires are revealed experimentally using Lorentz microscopy and theoretically using micromagnetic simulations. We demonstrate that a spin-polarized electric current can control the reversible motion of 3D vortex domain walls, which travel with a velocity of a few hundred meters per second. This finding is a key step in establishing fast, high-density memory devices based on vertical arrays of cylindrical magnetic nanowires.

Impact Statement

The authors present the current-driven domain wall motion in cylindrical Co/Ni nanowires using Lorentz-Transmission Electron Microscopy.