Characterizing the size, morphology, reactivity, and evolution of 1D, 2D, and 3D nanomaterials often only provides “snapshots” of the underlying process of interest. With in situ TEM, you can directly observe nucleation and growth, oxidation/reduction reactions, morphology evolution, sample mobility, chemical gradients, and other dynamic changes in real-time.

Application Notes


Watch dynamic behavior of real samples in situ.

Fusion Select + Nanomaterials

Observe reactions and characterize a range of materials from nanorods and nanoparticles to metals and ceramics.

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Atmosphere + Nanomaterials

Test the effects of real environmental conditions on the performance of batteries, solar cells, and energetic materials.

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Poseidon Select + Nanomaterials

Image a wide variety of solutions, colloids, and mixtures to collect chemical and distribution data on particulates.

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