An expanded software suite for in situ electron microscopy

multiple software viewports united by one application

  • Reduce data post-processing time by ten times

  • Automatically synchronize your data and images

  • 100% compatible with your microscope

GMS software with new Clarity Echo window Gas, pressure, current, temperature, resistance and more united by Echo software synchronized TEM data ready for publication with Clarity Echo

First image: New window in Gatan Microscopy Suite® software. Second image: Synchronized in situ data. Third image: Publication-ready results.


Acquire and export publication-ready images and videos directly from DigitalMicrograph® software with Clarity Echo. It works with your microscope or camera software to import and tag images with in situ data like elapsed time, sample temperature, applied voltage and much more, letting you spend less time post-processing data and more time running experiments.


Whether you’re running in situ experiments with DigitalMicrograph® 1, 2, or 3, Clarity™ Echo instantly expands your imaging capability with a single, easy installation. Compatible with any operating system from Windows XP to Windows 10, Clarity Echo is designed to be accessible for everyone.


Run experiments faster than ever with Clarity Echo seamlessly synchronizing all of your in situ data in the background, expanding your data acquisition without compromising your microscopy workflow. With a single, seamless installation, Clarity Echo automatically links your DigitalMicrograph® software with the data streams and holder controls within the Protochips Clarity software suite.









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