Roberto Thillet, Director of Customer Support & Implementation makes working with Protochips as easy as possible. The Protochips’ Success Community is now online! It provides registered Protochips customers with an interactive knowledge base 24/7. The customer success community is the central location for all Protochips product-specific assistance, troubleshooting articles, manuals, and publications. We are here to connect you to the information you need when you want personal Protochips-related assistance or a place to keep current with in situ microscopy.

What you need when you need it

It’s inevitable, you’re going to have a product question, customer service need or research related query. The standard customer service interface in our industry is a web form. Fill it in and wait. Protochips has raised the level of service by creating a community portal with 24/7 access to all product related material, and application notes via a search engine. The Success Community is the entire Protochips knowledge base plus the ecosystem of our customers. You know what we know.

Knowledge base

In addition to search, the community element is facilitated by a Q&A functionality that enables knowledge sharing between customers. It’s ideal for troubleshooting and best practices. We’ve already had customers in the portal share some gems of knowledge. For example, a fellow scientist shared his trick to use Para-film to clean E-chips and o-rings saving time and money for his lab. The Q&A is like a forum space, and it has a leader board. Frequent posting and voted ‘best’ answers to questions drives higher in rankings which, showcases your profile on the Q&A page.

  • Login and have access to Protochips Assistance Center
  • Select product suite, discussion and a real-time status report on your RMA
  • Ask Questions
  • See the top names on the Leaderboard
  • Read trending articles

What makes working with Protochips easier now?

A major part of developing our customer portal has been uploading all the materials you’ll need to answer your questions, gauge research directions and follow RMA status. Currently manuals, calibration files and app notes are sent out in the mail and are on CD’s. Success Portal will enable instant gratification. Our development process took inspiration from our industries needs. We know that research lab hours can be irregular along with the eventual questions or customer service needs. So we put in the cloud.

We’ve embodied several user roles for customers who are trouble shooting by enabling search and direct communication with the community. The researcher who wants to check an area of potential research novelty can leverage the knowledge base before they start re-inventing the wheel. And we know our community shares tips and best practices.

Are you a product champion?

The Discussion feature is where our heart is on the community portal. We believe that our ecosystem of scientists and researchers can help each other excel. In particular, Protochips encourages product champions – those who top the leader boards by answering community questions and posting related content. Let our portal showcase your knowledge. It starts with making an account.