Software Made Simple

Running your in situ experiments shouldn’t be harder than it has to. That’s why we designed software that gives you the controls you need to capture the data you want. We call it Clarity. It integrates seamlessly with Protochips hardware and features automatic data management, and an intuitive workflow interface. It’s designed to be simple, letting you focus on what matters — your experiment.

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Results in Real Time, Every Time

Powering all of our products, Clarity software has everything you need to run your in situ experiment. Program electrical and/or thermal stimuli as waveforms or change parameters as you go, watching results being plotted in real time. Clarity also logs all of your data and hardware controls automatically so you’ll never have to worry about losing your results.

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No Internet? No problem.

Every Protochips products comes with a high-performance laptop or desktop with Clarity software already installed and ready to go.  They also come with all the necessary hardware and cabling so you can start running experiments right away.

Clarity Reflect

When you’re using an electron microscope, you expect to see your samples. That’s why we developed Clarity Reflect, which displays a real-time feed of images and videos, synchronized alongside your data on a single screen. It’s made to give you the information you need to analyze your results efficiently.

Meet Sam.

He’s eight years old, likes skateboarding, and his favorite subject is science. He also just ran his first in situ experiment with the Protochips Clarity™ software suite. He learned how to use the software in just 30 minutes, which was all he needed to set up, initiate, and record his heating experiment using a Protochips Fusion holder. Did Sam understand what caused the phase transformation in FeO3 at high temperature? Nope. But he was able to watch the reaction and record his data in less time than it takes to go through the lunch line. So although Sam considers himself computer savvy, we’re pretty confident that Clarity is the simplest in situ software on the planet. If you don’t believe us, just ask Sam.

A Universal Suite

The Clarity software suite powers all of our in situ products. So whether you’re testing electrical devices, studying catalyst reactions, or performing liquid analysis in your TEM, Clarity can do it all. Click below to learn more about our groundbreaking products and why researchers around the world prefer Protochips in situ products.


Heating and Electrical Biasing

Fusion sample gold nanoparticles

Poseidon Select

Liquid Cell

Pegylated gold nanorods


Gas Cell

Anatase N2 1kPA 300deg ABSF filtered
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